From  4th-9th April  in Kraftverket Tranås


Is it possible to move, think and work in sustainable way?

Would you download your mind into a new body instead of dying?

Would you like to experience life as an embryo another time?

Which kind utopian dreams and nightmares you imagine to come?

Moot Point is a collective of dance artists engaged in the questions of Utopia and the Body. We choose to believe in the forward motion of the question. In every sentence that ends with a questionmark there is a potential for the mind to expand and take a stroll and new situations and dreams might arrive.

Our influences are Soviet Sci-fi movies, Poetry, Michel Foucault. When we are Moot Pointing we use empty Notebooks, lots of Coffee, Friendship, Imagination and Movement . Between the poles of Utopia and Dystopia Moot Points is motivated to start working with their most precious instruments, their bodies, which are mediums for their never ending questions.


Moot Points first work “Chill out, we have already been reborn” (2015) has been premiered as a graduation piece in The Danish National School of Performing Arts and has been performed at Haut Young Choreographers Festival(DK), Future Legends (SE), Ravnedans (NO) and other places.

Moot Point are: Marlene Bonnesen achieved a BA Diploma from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2015. She is working in the contemporary dance field as a performer, choreographer and teacher. Now she has her base in Copenhagen and is co-running the dance collective Danseatelier.

Fuji Hoffmann (SE) is a choreographer and director educated as a dancer in Copenhagen Helsinki and Stockholm and received his BA diploma 2015. Currently creating several performances in Finland Estonia and Sweden between the realms of theater and dance. Also teaches in Wiks folkhögskola.

David Kummer (DE) is a dance artists educated in Berlin, Copenhagen and Barcelona. At the moment he teaches young people at the Culture House Barbacka in Kristianstad and is doing an Education as a Shiatsu Therapist.

Jens Schyth Brøndum (US/DK) is a dancer and choreographer educated in ballet in Colorado and contemporary dance in Copenhagen. He is working with UpperCut Danseteater and been collaborating with Danish Dance Theater,the national company of Denmark.