Id prefer not to.


I’d prefer not to.

4 Sep to 2 Oct 2017 Tranås

Sine Ergün

Asylum of Creativity 2017


Turkey Exchange AiR. Inspired by the book Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-street written by Herman Melville, Sine Ergün experiences the process of non action. As the first stage of her project, she questions the value of action by experiencing full denial of life’s daily obligations. Sine imitates the way Bartleby refuses to work and follow orders. As we define ourselves by our actions, the writer aims to experience that which is left after non action, ‘the essentials’.

Between the 17 and 24 of September Sine intends to have this performance open for the public to participate. The instructions for participation are simple; the public can join her during her seven days performance and do nothing. She changes her lifestyle by not doing any of the regular daily activities she does in her professional and private life. The participants can join and leave the experience as they wish at any time.

During the experimental performance, Sana Ghobbeh an Iranian artist shall documents the process. The work, out of this observational process shall be the material for Sana to create an exhibition that shall be stage two of the project.

A brief review on the next three stages of the project:

2. Exhibition
Based on the performance of Sine Ergün in collaboration with Sana Ghobbeh.

3. Anthology on Writers of No.
Writers who have refused to write anymore are called Writers with Bartleby Syndrome or Writers of No. This anthology collects the last works of thirteen writes who have decided to stop writing.

4. Exhibition of Writers of No.
Thirteen visual artists will be asked to create an artwork inspired by the last texts by Writers of No. The aim of the exhibition is to resurrect the act of fading as a writer. This exhibition shall reveal an interpretation of the last texts that the Writers of No wrote.


Sana Ghobbeh