About Dylan Thomas Literature Residency

International Literary Residency

a residence by writers for writers.


The residency comprises of a network of organisations and people gaathered around the idea that writing and the culture of reading can be presented in a refreshed novel and different way.

Some of the main creators are presented here bellow

PP_kompakt_300 (2)

The magazine Popular Poetry is published four times a year and deals with the music lyrics, reviews, articles and essays almost all aspects of poetry. Each issue has a theme, such as the 1900s, three women’s worlds, or the next issue: Soccer


Popular Poesi


teater JARMO Theatre Jarmo is a free theater group that was formed in Tranas 2004. We have our own scene on Ängarydsgatan 10th. We produce shows for children and adults. We have over the years set up performances as “Sergei wants to be a drummer,” “Pariah,” “Men”, “Playing with Fire” and “Silent Switch”. Periodically we also arrange theater courses.

teater JARMO

LeatherLogow4w2 Write4word is a west Wales based literary enterprise comprised of culturepreneurs, teachers, writers and publishers.Write4word among other things co-ordinate WISPA – the Wales Ireland Spoken-word and Poetry Alliance – an organisation that facilitates the exchange of writers and their ideas between Ireland and Wales. As well as organising Poems and Pints and other spoken word events, and creative writing workshops.We are one of the creators of the Coracle Europe partnership.

Coracle Europe

Magnus Grehn Förlag Magnus Grehn publishing is a small micro-publishers who have published four titles with poetry and short stories. The authors – Irving Stettner and John Bennett are from the U.S., and Jonas Bengt Svensson and Joakim Becker comes from Sverige. The Books are published so far are in the “Beat Generation” spirit.

Magnus Grehn Forlag

Stadsbiblioteket_tranås kommun
Tranås Library is a meeting place in the center with generous opening hours. We have common library directory with all of Östergötland and a large programverksamhet. We  investing in children and young people and are genuinely interested in literature. Välkomna to the library is an oasis in everyday life.
kultivera Cultivate a culture. Through networking and interactions, we create cultural exchange locally, nationally and internationally. We work with including residences, Raw Art, Theatre, Film, grants, festivals, dance, and e-sport. We are one of the creators of Coracle Europe Partnership.


Coracle Europe


 studie-framjandet Studiefrämjandet is one of Sweden’s largest education and are located throughout the country, with a wide range of workshops, training courses, cultural events and lectures. Every year, 240 000 participants in our workshops and courses.Studiefrämjandet is particularly focused on nature, animals, environment and culture – particularly youth culture. But our business is open to everyone and spans wide variety of areas.We are one of the creators of Coracle Europe Partnership.


Coracle Europe